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Welcome to to preview my articles. The purpose of these articles is not to provide any solutions or opinions but just to offer information mostly from basic contemporary sources and core scriptures;  to inform and let the readers make up their own opinions and mind. Some articles may be analytical of current events. In the name of "secularism" much is being written that has no connection with the truth.

George Orwell wrote "those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future" and this is specially true in India today. India's history and ethos being distorted by those who had taken control of it in the past fifty years with a view to control the future of India. These articles are a modest attempt to make  the readers aware of India's past from contemporary sources.

Let knowledge  percolate and shine in every nook and corner of our minds. Knowledge is the ultimate power. As our  rishis have said "Satyameva Jayate" -- Truth shall prevail.

More articles will be added from time to time.

Vinod Kumar


  1. What is Jihad?

  2. Islam from its core scriptures

  3. On Idol Worship

  4. Did Babar love India?

  5. India as Alberuni saw it

  6. Destruction of Buddha Statues -- Islamic or Unislamic?

  7. Nehru and Timur Lang

  8. India a soft state and national will

  9. Indian concepts on  Earth's rotation, gravity etc.

  10. Islam sciences, literature and knowledge

  11. Mutual Reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims

  12. Muslim backwardness

  13. Nixon on Will and preserving freedom

  14. Partition was a blessing indeed

  15. Reunification of India and Pakistan

  16. Two wrongs do not make a right

  17. Distortions by Zakaria

  18. Hindu money co-opted for Muslims

  19. History the way it should be

  20. In the land of Gandhi -- denial of history

  21. Indianness and Islam

  22. Islam, Arabs and Scientific Knowledge

  23. Islam and Prisoners of war

  24. Jihad in India

  25. Mushirul Hasan and Gujarat

  26. Shah Waliullah and Jihad

  27. The hate in Gujarat

  28. Hindu ko gussa kyon aata hai?

  29. Why democracy did not take roots in Pakistan

  30. Rewriting history and Mahmud Ghaznavi

  31. A Prophet Dishonored -- Response to Schell

  32. Discrimination against women in Pakistan

  33. Aurangzeb -- why did he destroy Hindu temples?

  34. Aurangzeb was not a Zealot -- Just a good Muslim.

  35. Caste division among Muslims in India

  36. Democracy and Pakistan

  37. Hindukush at Godhra

  38. Hindus need to understand Islam

  39. Indian Census and Muslim population growth

  40. The blackest incident in the history of India

  41. Was Dara Shikoh an apostate

  42. Islam and the Cosmos

  43. Women in Islam -- a letter

  44. Oh, Brother -- Letter in Daily Pioneer

  45. Desaffronization or Apology

  46. Babar and Babri Masjid

  47. Can Hindu be ambitious -- A response.

  48. Follow one and respect all -- Response to Wahiduddin Khan

  49. Nuclear Tests and Defense Preparedness

  50. Is it the end for Pakistan?

  51. Conversions Weaken national Fabric

  52. Signature Campaign to protest new ICHR -- Some Thoughts

  53. The Source of Arabian Nights

  54. The New Awakening of India

  55. Education and Muslims -- Response to Mansur Ejaz

  56. Fundamentalism Terrorism and Islam

57.  Gandhi and Jai Chand

58. Prayer for India and Idol Worship

59. The Koran as Software

60. Do Muslims deserve Hatred of Hindus

61. "Poor Naipaul" or "Poor Ganguli" ?

62. "We gave India Tajmahal" -- a response

63. The veil, women and Islam

64. Spirit of Islam -- a Response

65. Ideas that shaped India -- a Response

66. Allah's Mercies and Benevolence

67. Letter from Musharraf to Bush

68. Muslim rule, Hindu Diaspora and India

69. Communists and India -- Response to Sahai

70. Faith, rationality and reason

71. Indian American Marriages

72. Library at Alexandria

73. Naipaul and Political Correctness

74. Muslims, India and Hindu Nationalists

75. Nehru on Ghaznavi

76. Description of India by Wassaf

77. Why Hindus always lose?

78. Muslim backwardness and the UK

79. Kashmir - Muslim Land?

80. Names of Pakistan's Missiles

81. The Civilization, the country ... you save may be your own

82. Chronology of Arab expeditions on India

83. British role in partition of India

84. Library at Alexandria and Caliph Omar

85. Alberuni, Naipaul and Will Durant on Hindus

86. Caste system in Iran

87. On Hindu Cowardice and Muslim Bravery

88. Jinnah and the Two Nation Theory

89  Breaking Ganesha Idols -- Act of Hatred

90  Prayer for India and Idol Worship

91  Are Indian Muslims in Crisis?

92.  Hindu Holocaust Museum



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