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Faith vs Rationality and Reason

Vinod Kumar


Date: 12/15/98 3:04:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: Vk1122




Dear Sir,

This is in response to Feroze Bakht Ahmed's article "Muslims don’t need fatwa politics" (HT . 15.12.1998)

The problem of Muslims society in the world and specially in India, whether it is Feroze Bakht Ahmed or Imam Bukhari or Ali Mian is that they cannot find existence without and outside the Koran. The argument is not whether something is right or wrong but if it is sanctified or not by the Koran. The final argument boils down to interpretation of the Koran. Every act has to be justified on the basis of the Koran, by extending its interpretation, if necessary.

Feroze Bakht wrote: "that any intelligent Muslim who thinks in terms of development, rationality and reason, is branded as a traitor and "daharrya’’ (unIslamic)" without realizing the truth behind his own words."

The Koran being the final word of God, there is no development beyond the final word of God. These people are branded "traitor and daharrya" because Islam is based on "faith" and "faith" is "faith" it has noting to do with "rationality and reason". If "rationality and reason" are allowed in "faith" people are likely to question the very basics of "faith". No "faith" can survive the onslaught of "rationality and reason". It is this "faith" that makes an Indian Muslim bask in the glory of their own invaders because these invaders belonged to the "faith" which the ancestors of the current Muslims were forced to adopt. If the Ulema let "rationality and reason" prevail, the "glory of Islam" from India would disappear. The sun of truth will once again shine in their lives. There really is no glory in plunder and destruction.

No revelationary religion can withstand the onslaught of rationality and reason -- it is not just Islam. Rationality and reason do not support revelations -- the very ideas are contradictory. One can either have "rationality and reason" and thus progress and move with the world or one can have "faith" and remain where one has been and "bask in the glory of (his) past when the Umayyad dynasty ruled in Saudi Arabia (661-750 AD)".

If one really thinks was that a glorious period?

It is sad but true -- one cannot have both.

One last word -- whatever you do, Mr. Ahmed, please don't blame the Congress or the BJP or the anybody else for your commitment to your "faith". For they are doomed if ask you to adhere to your "faith" and they are doomed if they ask you to follow "rationality and reason".


Vinod Kumar