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Breaking of Ganesha idol – symbolic act of hatred.


Vinod Kumar

A video ( labeled

"Spiritual attack against Hindu God by a young Australian Hindu girl with Indian background who converted to Islam" is doing the rounds on the internet. It shows a girl in Islamic hijab, claiming to be Hindu of Indian background, breaks with a hammer, a clay idol of Lord Ganesha with a background of chanting of what seem to me to be Koranic verses.

Muslims don’t worship idols and they don’t believe in polytheism – that is their prerogative and we shall not go into the metaphysics of monotheism and polytheism or of idolatry. But sadly, this act of breaking idols of others – from Prophet Abraham to Prophet Muhammad (and continuing to this day) -- is a fundamental feature of the basic precepts of Islam (6:80, 9:114, 21:57, … ). Islam has a long history of idol breaking but what is even more concerning is the symbolic hatred behind the act. It is this hatred and intolerance of others beliefs that has been the cause of endless strife and massacres wherever Islam has come into contact with other civilizations. This hatred has not been limited to its contact with alien civilizations but this hatred – intolerance of others beliefs – has spread within Islam itself. In as much as three of the first four "rightful Caliphs of Islam" were murdered by Muslims themselves. This does not speak well of a religion that claims to be religion of peace and tolerance. The truth is the seeds of hatred once sown spread like tubers and sprout everywhere. The entire history of Islam is strewn with hatred not only of infidels but within the community also.

Al Qaeda and other outfits like LeT – to mention just two – are the latest manifestations of this hatred. While it has caused untold pain and suffering to others; more Muslims have been victims of their own hatred than the "others". As the world is becoming an ever shrinking landscape it is incumbent upon both the Muslims and the "others" to ponder upon: for Muslims – do they want to continue the path of hatred within and without -- and for the "others" – how long will they tolerate this hatred?


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