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Nehru on Ghaznavi

Vinod Kumar

Posted on Internet group, March 12, 2003


I think it is silly to blame the Muslims -- let Ayodhya alone, Muslim chronicles are full of Muslim invaders and rulers demolishing Hindu temples by the thousands -- in Kannauj alone Mahmud talks of the ten thousand temples which were laid waste.

The most interesting behavior of Hindus is reflected in Nehru's description of Mahmud as an admirer of art and architecture. How Nehru qualifies Mahmud as an admirer of art and architecture -- he (Mahmud) admired the temple at Mathura before he ordered it to be burnt down to the ground with naphtha.

Nehru wrote about Mahmud:
"Mahmud was far more a warrior than a man of faith." and he went on to write: "Mahmud was much impressed by the city of Mathura (modern Muttra) near Delhi."

And what was this temple and this city like and what he did to it? The description is worth reading from Tarikh-e- Yamini by Utbi -- Mahmud's secretary:

"The Sultan then departed from the environs of the city,28 in which was a temple of the Hindus. The name of this place was Maharatu-l29 Hind. He saw there a building of exquisite structure, which the inhabitants said had been built, not by men, but by Genii, and there he witnessed practices contrary to the nature of man, and which could not be believed but from evidence of actual sight. The wall of the city was constructed of hard stone, and two gates opened upon the river flowing under the city, which were erected upon strong and lofty foundations, to protect them against the floods of the river and rains. On both sides of the city there were a thousand houses, to which idol temples were attached, all strengthened from top to bottom by rivets of iron, and all made of masonry work; and; opposite to them were other buildings, supported on broad wooden pillars, to give them strength."

"In the middle of the city there was a temple larger and firmer than the rest, which can neither be described nor painted. The Sultan thus wrote respecting it: "If any should wish to construct a building equal to this, he would not be able to do it without expending an hundred thousand thousand red dinars, and it would occupy two hundred years, even though the most experienced and able workmen were [p. 40] employed." Among the idols there were five made of red gold, each five yards high, fixed in the air without support. In the eyes of one of these idols there were two rubies, of such value, that if anyone were to sell such as are like them, he would obtain fifty thousand dinars. On another, there was a sapphire purer than water, and more sparkling than crystal; the weight was four hundred and fifty miskals. The two feet of another idol weighed four thousand four hundred miskals, and the entire quantity of gold yielded by the bodies of these idols was ninety-eight thousand three hundred miskals. The idols of silver amounted to two hundred, but they could not be weighed without breaking them to pieces and putting them into scales. The Sultan gave orders that all the temples should be burnt with naphtha and fire, and leveled with the ground."

Is anyone talking of Mathura temple?

And on Kannauj:

"The Sultan advanced to the fortifications of Kanauj, which consisted of seven distinct forts, washed by the Ganges, which flowed tinder them like the ocean. In, Kanauj, there were nearly ten thousand temples, which the idolaters falsely and absurdly represented to have been founded by their ancestors two or three hundred thousand years ago. They worshipped and offered their vows and supplications to them, in consequence of their great antiquity. Many of the inhabitants of the place fled and were scattered abroad like so many wretched widows and orphans, from the fear which oppressed them, in consequence of witnessing the fate of their deaf and dumb idols. Many of them thus effected their escape, and those who did not fly were put to death. The Sultan took all seven forts in one day, and gave his soldiers leave to plunder them and take prisoners."

The Muslims know how Hindus will behave. They know the Hindus have got so used to Muslim slavery that except a few no one will make any noise and those who make noise will be shut down by the other Hindus. All they (the Muslims) have to do is watch the fun -- Hindus fighting with other Hindus to glorify Muslim raids of India.


March 12, 2003

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