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The Holy War of Islam and Its Legitimacy in the Quran
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Publisher's Note   

I-First Lecture: 
Questions about Jihad  
A.Conditional Verses and Unconditional Verses 
B.Can We Fight All the People of the Book?  
D.Philosophy and Goals of Jihad  
E.The Legitimacy of Jihad  
F.Peace is not Submission 
G.Difference between Islam and Christianity  
H.Islam and Peace  
I.Conditions for warfare  
J.The Muslims in Mecca  

II- Second Lecture: Defense or Aggression  
A.Christianity's Protest Against Islam 
B.Unconditional verses about Jihad  
C.Conditional Verses 
D.Rushing to the Defense of the Oppressed  
E.Wars of Early Islam  
F.Interpreting the Unconditional as the Conditional  
G.No Compulsion in Religion  

III- Third Lecture: 
Defense - the Quiddity of Jihad  
A.Types of Defense 
B.Human Rights  
C.The Minor Dispute  
D.Tawhid: A Personal Right or A General Right?  
E.The Measure of Rights - Individual and Universal  
F.Freedom of Thought or Freedom of Belief  

IV- Fourth Lecture: 
The Question of Abrogation  
B.No Generality without an Exception 
C.Defense of Humane Values  
D.Freedom of Belief, or of Thought? 

V- Footnotes 

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